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Base APP

It allows you to have an app ready to be downloaded by your customers, to communicate with them via push notifications, to provide details about your company, news, offers, etc.

Appointments APP

Allows customers to request reservations using the appointment method. The user is offered a calendar with the available days from which he can choose to receive a service.

Restaurants APP

For those who have a restaurant or a pub we have developed this type of application which allows customers to book a table directly from the app.

Chat APP

It allows customers to communicate with the company or professional in a simple and instantaneous way, through a special section dedicated directly from the app.

Waiting List APP

Allows customers to book using the waiting list method. The user is offered the time slots available throughout the day that he can choose to receive a service.

Showcase APP

The Showcase APP allows you to enter your company's products or services in the app with dedicated tabs.

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Standard APP

  • Share content and offers
  • Create your showcase
  • Make appointments
  • Communicate with customers

Tailored APP

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  • Become a point of reference for your customers thanks to specific web services.
  • Stand out from the competition thanks to personalized and innovative applications!
  • Tailor-made APPs are elements capable of increasing the visibility of companies.
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  • Push Notifications
  • Permanent Cart
  • One Click Payment
  • CMS - Content Manager

4 good reasons to create an app for your company

Better user experience

Users love to use the apps because they offer a better browsing and shopping experience. Consulting the different contents is easier and also completing the purchase operations is more convenient and immediate compared to a mobile site.

Faster browsing

An app works faster than a website loaded from mobile: apps store data locally, while sites use servers, making information recovery much slower. An app stands out for the speed: an increasingly dominant factor, which allows you to beat the competition.

Effective communication with customers

Having a corporate app allows you to have constant but non-invasive communication with your customers, wherever you want and at any time you will have a privileged communication channel and the possibility to stay in touch with them H24.

Added value to your brand

Having an app allows you to communicate your brand effectively. Meanwhile, because it allows you to communicate your image externally and leads you as an innovative company, in step with the times, which is able to respond promptly to market needs. Having an app, therefore, will allow you to improve the perception that consumers have of your company.

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We needed a professional presence to develop our idea of optimizing the work of the Safety Coordinator in the Execution phase - CSE. PaltoLab has satisfied us in everything and we are satisfied with the work.
Strutturiamoci Lab
CSE Sicurezza Cantieri
We relied on PaltoLab to develop our simple and intuitive application that offers the nurse or nursing student tools for learning and working. We are very satisfied with the results achieved thanks to our collaboration.
Strumenti Infermiere

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